Sunday, April 17, 2011

Call for submissions: MolBio Carnival #10

Now this is big

The 10th edition of The MolBio Carnival is coming, and for this great occasion, Psi Wavefunction, one of the founders of the Carnival, will do us the honor of hosting at her fantastic blog "Skeptic Wonder". This "aspiring protistologist", who frequently amazes (and educates) us on protists and more, has already hosted the Carnival back on its 4th edition and is now back for more.

There's still time to submit your posts to this landmark edition of the Carnival. Please use our online submission system to share your great posts on the molecular basis of life! 

You can check out previous editions by browsing around this blog, the official home of The MolBio Carnival.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The MolBio Carnival #9 is out

A new edition of The MolBio Carnival has just been posted over at Alles was lebt. This 9th edition was hosted by Alex Knoll, one of the founding fathers of the Carnival.

This edition includes great posts, discussing single-domain antibodies, new candidate drug targets in bacteria , a twin approach to unraveling epigenetics and more!

Working with enzymes. From Chris Dieni's selected post
Check it out.... NOW!

If you didn't have time to get your post in this month's issue, don't worry! You can always submit to the next edition, which will be hosted by Psi Wavefunction at Skeptic Wonder, using our online submission form.

From a selected post by  Sebastian Reusch